Wirify – The web as wireframes

Wirify is a strong bookmarklet for using exiting sites as a base for building new applications, as well as reusing and saving your designs.

Wirify help to improve user experience by understanding, organising, designing and evaluating.


  • User interviews – Develop an understanding of your users through discussion.
  • Field research – Observe your users and understand their needs.
  • Online research – Observe and understand your users via web-based tools.


  • Information architecture – Design an easy-to-navigate structure to underpin your website.
  • Metadata definition – Describe your content to make it easier to find.


  • Interaction design – Design the behaviour of your website or application.
  • Interface design – Design individual website pages or application screens.


  • Usability testing – Test your website or application with real people for concrete, actionable feedback.
  • Expert evaluation – Review your product’s usability against industry best practice using our expertise.
  • Listening labs – Let participants demonstrate their user experience through non-directed conversation.

How wirify works

Source : wirify.com

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