The dispute of what social media platform is better has been argued a lot lately and we are still trying to figure it out. I think most of you out there might agree if I say that Facebook is clearly the most dominant social network today and that is where most of you tend to hang out. When you get used to a certain type of social media platform, it becomes harder to change. But as of late, Google+ has started to make a mark but most of you find it frustrating to choose while some of you find it interesting. However, according to techies, Google+ is sneaking in on Facebook with its timely updates even though the news does not make headlines.

According to a view reviews and research, most people use Facebook because others use it. It’s considered the ‘in’ thing having a Facebook account. Is this a reason enough to go with it? I don’t certainly think so. Facebook is more of a popularity platform where people are measured by the number of friends and followers. If popularity is what you want, then you can go ahead and use it.

If you like Facebook for its larger user base then Google+ users think its better because it’s owned by Google and offers many features than Facebook. Reviews of Google+ when it comes to the technology used is A grade. Different people who share common interests come together enabling you to interact with new friends. Some who are ardent Facebook lovers have criticized Google+ saying that its fantastic if you don’t have any friends.

These are simply people’s opinions. Let’s get to the point and find out which platform is better shall we?


fbAccording to experts, Facebook can be commended for its new functions Search and Trending which were added to the mobile consumer and Calls and Action features that were added to Business Facebook pages. The social platform has also made improvements on the graph search which now provides keyword searches to find posts that are specific.

As of the year 2014, Facebook accounts for 60 % of global video shares (Check Link) while its direct video uploads have apparently overtaken YouTube shares for the first time in history. The site is launching another upgrade which is aimed to make video playback slick with YouTube like playlists.

There’s no point of writing about the basic content of what Facebook really is and how you set up an account. From a teenager to a grandparent, everyone who is anyone is now on Facebook. As a business model, Facebook has evolved during the past few years with added features such as mobile and other associated apps. Here are a few hidden facts about Facebook only techies are familiar with.

Check if someone else is logged in

The security folder on your settings page offers you a link “Where you’re logged in” which shows your active Facebook log-ins from desktop and mobile devices. You can easily find out if something is fishy and end activity from any device.

Be a Pirate

Yes. The Pirate craze is still here to stay and if you didn’t know, you can turn your Facebook interface into Pirate or even Upsidedown speak. It’s simply hidden in the General Accounts Settings and all you have to do is change the language to English (Pirate). It might be annoying to most of you but people still go for it. I used it for a while and it drove my friends crazy.

Interest List

This might be boring but you can have this to keep tab on individuals and businesses that you follow.

Transfer Files

You can actually transfer files if you open a Facebook chat window with the option “Add Files”. You can easily transfer files from your computer while the receiver can easily download.

Go ahead and Embed

Like all the other social media sites, you can embed public content on your Facebook page.

Your preferred news feed

Lets be realistic. You wouldn’t want to see updates from friends, businesses, groups etc all the time. So, you have the authority to prune your news feed to what you want it to be.


Most people are arguing about the fact that Facebook is the best platform to sell and advertise products and services. You always see an ad column on your interface. It is indeed a great place to promote your business. Not sure if people find this interesting or annoying.


gpEven though a lot of socially active users think that Google+ is not as par with Facebook, there are definitely a solid group of people who will always vouch for this platform. Here are the features are to why Google+ is on the rise.

Real- time streaming

New updates automatically shows up at the top of your stream. There’s no need of you to refresh your stream every other minute.


One of the main features which allows you to organize people you follow and also people who follow you.


In simple terms its group video chat. You can chat with up to ten people at a time. Google has also announced the ‘Easter Eggs’ animation concept which simply works on computer mediated communication platforms and not mobile devices or video calls. The animation includes ponies, dinosaurs, and angry mobs while you can simply type in a code and make them appear in your chat window.

Integrated Photo Uploads

You can easily upload photos to Picasaweb and share them in Google+. It’s as simple as that.

Google+ is best for SEO

The main method of people locating businesses are through search engines and since Google is the biggest search engine by far, we techies believe that Google+ pages have an advantage.

Social Ads

Google offers +PostAds which enables you to post on your business page and turn it to a web banner ad.

These were the main facts that I thought was worth sharing since the most basic facts are still known among many. Even the one’s that I have pointed out may be outdated. Therefore, if you are really into these social media platforms, who do you think is winning the race? I cannot decide. But if you have a reason to think that either of the platforms are far more superior than the other, please share your thoughts with us.

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