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Link building is not a process that happens overnight while this entire practice is considered as one of the main techniques of achieving higher rankings on the web as well as a systematic approach in gaining traffic success. Links are basically connections between web pages while link building is the activity of getting backlinks from various blogs, forums, social networking sites and other web sites that can be linked to your own. This guide will help you understand the different link building resources that are used today.


    Link building is not for all while if you are working to building quality links that actually matter to you and the web, you have to keep in mind that human creativity is and always will be the number one link building tool. Tools will always assist a human in link building while there are hundreds of tools that will help you improve this task.

Backlink Explorers

Known as one of the most essential tools in the SEO and link building industry, backlink explorers lets you examine links that you already have in your website. Some of the common and much used backlink explorers include Majestic, Bing, Monitor Backlinks, Raven etc.

Link Prospecting

This is known as the art of locating sites that are actually worthy of building a link from. This usually takes a longer time due to the plethora of websites available but there are tools such as Link Prospector and Ontolo that are available to help you increase your efficiency in link prospecting.


Effective outreach is also an important aspect in link building. Outreach is basically what sets the quality of your entire link building project while carrying out a successful outreach campaign enables you to create valuable links and relationships. Proper organizing of this process is a must and there are a number of Outreach tools that you can make use of. Examples include Outreachr, LinkAssistant, BuzzStream etc.

Rank Trackers

The main benefits of link building include search engine visibility, gaining traffic, connections, branding, as well as some sort of authority. Search engine visibility is what steers the success story within SEO and for this reason alone you should be able to track the visibility of your website. Rank trackers such as SEOBook, Raven, RankRanger helps you to track thousands of search engine results so that you have a clear idea of where your website stands.

Site Analytics

These are tools that help you be more creative while they are considered essential for a better performance and understanding of your website. You can make use of Google AnalyticsMint, UserTesting, Woopra etc.

Site Plugins

In order for your website to perform well, you have to be cautious about addressing your on-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If not, there is a possibility that your site wouldn’t perform well no matter how many links are built. Fortunately, this can be resolved by a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress. There are plugins that have been specifically designed to tackle on-site SEO problems.

Social Tools

With no direct influence on search engine rankings, social media tools are quite important when it comes to link building and SEO. Some of the best social tools for outreach include Buffer, GaggleAMP, TweetDeck and HootSuite.

Browser Extensions

These usually help you build links without switching away from your browser. Some of the well known browser extensions include SEO for Firefox, Mozbar,, Word Count etc.


Since email is the most favoured method of setting the tone of your website, there are a number of email tools that can help you improve your campaign. These tools also offer you a variety of options including scheduling follow up emails. Tools include Evernote, MailChimp, BuzzStream etc.

Algorithm Change Monitors: Search engines such as Google go through algorithm changes up to over 500 times per year and even though changes are minimal, it is hard to ignore. Therefore, in order for you to understand and keep track of such algorithm changes, a number of companies have offered the services of Algorithm Change Monitors that are able to track and notice changes from thousands of search engine results. Algoroo, Mozcast, Rank Risk Index are to name a few.

Communities: Link builders and SEO specialists spend most of their time online and it is obvious that there are quite a few communities that have been specifically established for them alone. SEO Chat, Webmaster World, Link Builders (G+) are some of the communities where these influencers spend time at.

Industry News: It is quite important that you follow the best practices when it comes to link building and SEO and avoid falling behind of your competition. Therefore, always be aware of what is going on and keep up with the industry news. Search Engine WatchWebProNews, Search Engine Land are some of the leading news sites for link builders.

Industry Blogs: Usually link builders are quite known for sharing information and there are a profuse number of blogs that you can follow. There are a number of accurate blogs that you can pay attention to and some of them include Google Webmaster Blog, Backlinko, HitReach, Moz, Raven, Bing Webmaster Blog, Distilled, SugarRae, iAcquire, Rank RangerPositionly etc.

Industry Surveys: Surveys are a type of decoy that link builders use since they consist of interesting data that usually blogs and news sites analyze. There are a number of surveys with revealing data that you can make use of including the New Link Building Survey 2014, 2014 Industry Survey by Moz etc.

Influential People: Believe it or not, there are a number of influential people within the link building industry and it is important that you understand the power of these alcove of influencers. Jon Cooper, Cyrus Shepard, Julie JoyceEmma Still, Adam Melson, Mike King are to name a few.

Educational Material: Link building consists of a hoard of technical terms, techniques and strategies. However, there are a number of helpful resources, podcasts/videos that will help you understand this process better. Google’s 200 Ranking Factors, 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors, Page One Power Learning Centre are to name a few.

EBooks: Due to the lengthy explanations on the broad subjects that are associated with link building, there are times that blog posts are found insufficient. For this purpose alone, there are ebooks that are available that cover all topics related to link building and SEO. The Link Building Book, Ultimate Guide to Link Building are brilliant reads.

Link Building Tactics: Link building alone has a number of methods involved and you can use your creativity in doing so. By using the following tactics, you can make your site effective and more prominent on the web. (Click on the descriptions for specimen sites and blogs)


Link Building is definitely an evolving industry with many possibilities opening up to expand businesses throughout the globe. You can easily be a part of this revolution if you have a clear understanding of the resources and tactics. Share your thoughts with us and spread the word so that most of you out there can get over the fear of Link Building. Good Luck!

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