Continuing to inspire people with its success story, Ceffectz contemplates to address the global tech conference, RISE 2016.

From the most exciting startups to the world’s biggest companies, RISE has undoubtedly been an exceptional platform where inspirational stories are shared among thousands of attendees under one roof. Surfacing among the best in the industry, Ceffectz aspires to excel by making its presence felt at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition centre from the 31st of May to the 2nd of June 2016.

Ceffectz, a recipe of three vital ingredients; collaborative imagination, cutting edge designs and newest technology stands out as an uncomplicated mobile/web development firm with intentions of gaining perfection through simplicity.

Assisting you with the best of our capabilities, we at Ceffectz exert maximum effort to bestow you with exceptional service using our collective imagination. Alternatively, we ensure that our designs enhance the specific service we provide using the newest technology to craft modern and innovative solutions to deliver nothing but the best.

While the company specialities include professional graphic designing, UX/UI designing for web/mobile, web application development, mobile application development, software development and professional IT consultation, the services at Ceffectz subsume lengthened research and attention to every little detail or client requirement.

The product “CV Showcase” is one unique illustration of brilliance and excellence rendered by Ceffectz. Serving job seekers and companies simultaneously, CV Showcase is an outstanding platform in terms of recruitment and employment.

CV Showcase – 360° Recruitment Solution at your fingertips:

Finally, when it comes to developing web applications and mobile applications, your idea is everything we require to create an astonishing web and mobile app with greater user experience.

Therefore, by networking in the presence of investors and large-scale companies at RISE 2016, Ceffectz anticipates to take one further step in the journey to success.

For more information on Ceffectz, please visit or email us at

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