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Want to freshen up your website with new HTML5 and CSS3? This resource will quickly tell you if the new web elements and styles are compatible with your selected browsers for mobile or desktop.

While it might not be the most visually appealing website, When Can I Use… (WCIU) makes up for the lack of style with detailed statistics and options on browser compatibility with current styles and design elements. Compatibility tables and an exhaustive index indicate which desktop and mobile browsers support which HTML5 elements, CSS3 styles, SVG vector graphics, JS API for JavaScript, Application Programming Interface objects, and other elements.


You need to find the latest compatibility for @font-face Web Fonts? No problem, just click on the “@font-face Web fonts” link at the top of the CSS section and it takes you to the support table for the method of displaying fonts downloaded from websites. Each table gives you an initial abbreviated list of browsers which typically includes the following: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, iOS Safari, Opera Mini, Android Browser, and Blackberry Browser.


The Can I Use… compatibility tables provide a run down on all HTML5 features including:

  • Audio Element, which is a method of playing sound on webpages (without requiring a plug-in), currently at 80.12% support rate.
  • Canvas (Basic Support), a method of generating fast, dynamic graphics using JavaScript is currently at 83.12%
  • Drag and Drop, a method of easily dragging and dropping elements on a page, requiring minimal JavaScript, is currently at 83.57%
  • And more….


The JavaScript and API include JSON Parsing is a method of converting objects to JSON strings and JSON back to objects using JSON.stringify() and JSON.parse(), which is currently supported in 94.05% of all browsers globally.

Web Storage – name/value pairs is a method of storing data locally like cookies, but for larger amounts of data (sessionStorage and localStorage, used to fall under HTML5), and currently has a 92.04% global support.

getComputedStyle is an API to get the current computed CSS styles applied to an element. This may be the current value applied by an animation or as set by a stylesheet. Currently, it has an 83.08% compatibility rate. These are just three of the more than twenty-six listings in the JS and API feature category as displayed below.

 Source : caniuse
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