Smartphones to look forward in 2015

A decade ago, a mobile phone was merely a device that you used to communicate with others which offered voice and text options. But the recent past has seen a rapid pace when it comes to the evolution of the mobile phone to a smartphone while users always anticipate something new continuously. The transformation has been huge – from being a simple communication device to an almost portable personal computer. We see powerful mobile phones with large capacity RAM and multi core processors as well as unbelievable hardware upgrades with a smart move expected with every single device that is introduced.

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Get Dashlane Premium for Free

Have you heard of Dashlane? According to a number of tech geeks, it is the world’s best password manager which can also be used as a secure digital wallet.

Dashlane now introduces a password changer where you can change your passwords with one click. Imagine remembering each and every password that you have to use to log in to various websites? In order to make your login details secure it is always advised to change your password regularly and use random passwords for each website without repeating any of them. How is this possible? Unless you have photographic memory or you are a superhuman, you cannot practically remember all your login passwords.

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Web Design Trends to Expect in 2015

The World Wide Web which is now over 25 years old has been through a roller coaster ride over the years. With many new features being introduced on a daily basis, the web has developed leaps and bounds enabling people to manage businesses and even their lifestyles with a click of a button. The recent past has also seen a huge growth in the web designing industry while it has come to a certain point where website and app owners are focusing on the design first and the content later. The strong belief of a picture is worth a thousand words is here to stay while customers are lured to websites and mobile apps by unique and creative designs that have managed to catch their eye.

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