Try 3 months free BrowserStack from modern.IE

Try 3 months of BrowserStack for free from

Modern web development means not only the need to test for cross browser compatibility, but the need to test browser compatibility across multiple devices and form factors. This means testing for varied sized screens on phones, tablets, phablets (phone/tablet), and even on the desktop. Ensuring your code works consistently across the more than 300 browsers (browser versions X operating systems & devices) available today is not a task to be undertaken manually. This means you need good webpage testing tools, or you are effectively cutting off segments of your customers for whom the pages won’t load correctly. Let’s start by examining the helpful set of tools at the website.

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Can I use - Up-to-date browser support reference

Can I use – Up-to-date browser support reference

Want to freshen up your website with new HTML5 and CSS3? This resource will quickly tell you if the new web elements and styles are compatible with your selected browsers for mobile or desktop.

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