Life at Ceffectz

With similar interests, hobbies and longings, our creative panel is a well motivated group of individuals who thrive towards creating masterpieces out of the impossible. In simple, life at Ceffectz is an absolute adventure. It’s certainly an exciting journey which takes us through challenges that help us boost our skills in various aspects of life. Adhering to our strict schedule, we learn to manage our time and subsequently work as one team at Ceffectz. The diversity in expertise across every department further enhances our ability to work together, enabling us to meet our deadlines with ease. Most importantly though, the friendly environment grasps all the pressure, creating an extra pleasant atmosphere which makes our busy corporate life much easier.


Our Passion/Culture

If there was one single fact that make us at Ceffectz special, it would certainly be passion. While we are absolutely passionate about excellence and success, the encouragement and motivation comes from within ourselves. Alternatively, our interest in one common objective helps us transform our dreams into reality. We are indeed a group of multicultural individuals with one common goal which brings us together at Ceffectz.

Work Environment

As we take our tasks seriously, the external factors surrounding our workplace certainly does make a huge difference. So while we maintain the friendly atmosphere, we certainly do understand the responsibilities assigned to our fellow co-workers. The understanding between us at Ceffectz ensures expansion in the co-worker bond while maintaining a peaceful surrounding within the organization. In return, our focus enables us to manage our working hours quite effectively.

Available Positions

If you think that you’ve got similar desires, goals or objective, you may join the Ceffectz family to accomplish your dreams while serving a well reputed organisation. We ensure that we will undoubtedly help you develop your character while encouraging you to achieve your personal goals. You may submit your applications now.

Internship Program

Join our Internship Program today and pave your path towards a successful IT career!