Core Competencies

Intentions of allowing our business to thrive in the industry, our core competencies include a combination of pooled knowledge and technical capacities. It also provides us with the best chance for growth and survival, differentiating us from our competitors. In precise, our core competencies are based on the factors below,

1 Strategic – Understanding the business

2 Interpersonal – Relationship Building

3 Operational – Planning and Organising

4 Resourceful – Using Channels

5 Courageous – Handling Situations

6 Energetic – Focussing on the bottom line

Pillars of Success

While every company has specific pillars to success, our pillars vary in all aspects.

point The Client comes first

At Ceffectz, we ensure that the client and his requirements come first at all times. We understand, suggest and extend our services by treating the project with utmost professionalism and awareness. While ensuring that the project is delivered on time, we double check and assure that our product has everything in place.

point Focussing the future

As technology continues to develop, it is important to understand the preferences of people from across the world, especially in Sri Lanka. It’s quite obvious that mobile applications and websites have taken over most of the modern day businesses. We use our mobile phones for almost everything in the modern day. So by understanding the modern day needs, we build exceptional mobile/web platforms with beautifully designed interfaces.

point Understand the requirements

We believe that the client requirement or the initial idea/concept is the most important aspect of any project we take over. So in order to build trust, it’s important to understand the requirements first. By taking the first step seriously, we assure that we deliver the best by creating a seamless brand to motivate and encourage the users.

Our Process

We say we believe in simplicity, our process clearly emphasizes the reasons behind our belief. Based on five important
factors, our process is laid out and elaborated for your convenience.


We believe that understanding is the first step to progress. Hence, we consider this as the most important step while undertaking a project. We study and investigate on every bit of information we receive from the client. By taking all angles and aspects into consideration, we cover everything to ensure that we’ve got the first step right. The benefits of conceptualization includes bonding and most importantly delivering the perfect end product as well. So we cover a vast area by mastering the first step quite effectively.


For a better understanding, we draw mockups to assure that everything is in order before starting the developing process. This process ensures that the client and our developers are on the same page. The illustrations are then used to create an understandable wireframes. Finally, the wireframes are linked to produce a prototype of the application. Followed by a descriptive demonstration, we proceed with the developing phase upon clients approval.


Crafting is yet another vital step in the application development phase. In simple, crafting is the process of giving life to the approved prototype from the designing phase. Our developers play a huge role in perfecting this step, regardless of any complication. With tremendous attention, our experts ensure that everything is perfectly mastered to deliver nothing but the best in terms of service.


This is the final stage of the development phase. We provide extra attention in this phase to identify any faults by double checking the system through every possible angle. We take this step quite seriously as we’re keen on delivering the best. Bugs are hunted and destroyed while the testing phase finally ensures that the application has indeed attained perfection.


Our services do not end when the product is delivered to the client. We continue assisting the client even after completely handing over the project. This process is to assure that we take responsibility, while taking credit for post-delivery consequences. Through this process, we also welcome client feedback as we continue to build a strong bond with intentions of helping each other.